Dave's Ancestors - Accessibiity


The main site was developed and tested many years ago on Internet Explorer 6. Since then, IE7,8,9 came and went and now Edge - I keep testing on as many browsers and devices as I can, including Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. It seems to work reasonably well on each of these browsers, with slight differences on each. Each browser misbehaves slightly in different ways but nothing serious.

I've tried to make it clear to read but acknowledge that font styles and sizes may not suit some visitors with vision impairment.

Where possible, I have made the text to be resizeable by the browser. In some cases this has not been possible without affecting the layout.

I've spent a bit of time lately trying to make the site available on small screen devices. I'm getting there but there is still some work to do.
It works on the various smartphones I have tried.

If you are struggling to read any of it, and you have a suggestion, please contact me via the Contact page. I'll do my best to make improvements.