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Dave's Ancestors - Navigation

Site Navigation

Navigation should be straightforward. The main menu bar remains at the top of each page, so you can't get too lost.

Start with the names page. This lets you browse for an individual and then find information about their branch of the family.

Clicking on one of the surnames displayed on the right side of the screen scrolls the left column to reveal a list of the people with that surname.

Selecting an individual from this list should open a new page with an appropriate section of the family tree.

On this page there are various links to follow:

You can click on each of the names on the tree and this will lead you to the data about that person on the appropriate surname page. If the person is a direct ascendant, there will be a whole section of certificate data and a resumé of their life as far as we know it. For 'lesser players', there may be little more than a mention on perhaps one census, or certificate.

There are links to earlier or more recent branches of the tree.

There are links to pages of information about families mentioned on the tree.

Pop-up windows

In order to display pictures, maps or small sections of family tree while browsing pages of information, some links result in pop-up windows. These windows have a close-window facility.

Wherever you see this image tiny tree you can open a small pop-up window to view the current section of the tree.

Where you see this image Sample map you can open a small pop-up window to view a Google map of the place mentioned in the text.

This image Sample map takes you to a link page for This is an external link - just close the window when finished.

Wherever you see this image Sample map you can open a pop-up window to view the place on a 19th century OS 6-inch map of the area provided by the National Library of Scotland.


For completeness, I've added a search engine and site map. I'm not really sure how useful the search engine will be, and it may well serve only as a distraction. If it works properly, links should open within this page. You should at least remain within navigation distance of links back to here. It should not direct you outside this site.

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