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Dave's Ancestors - Welcome

Welcome to Dave's Ancestors

This site is an attempt to record whatever I can discover about the generations of people whose genes I have the privilege to inherit - my family, my ancestors.

The research soon spread to include my wife's family, so there is a sub-site, 'Chris's Ancestors' which details her ancestors.

The site continues to evolve slowly
It is an ongoing study and I will make additions and alterations as I discover more.

The research is almost entirely internet based, gathering census images, searching BMD indexes and trawling the ever increasing volume of online databases for relevant information. Wherever possible I have obtained birth, marriage and death certificates.

Any deductions based on these data are entirely my own and there is always a possibility of error.
Therefore, I would ask anyone who wishes to add anything from this site to their own research, to check my sources and to make their own deductions.

What the site contains


At the moment the site mostly just contains information gleaned from census returns, birth, marriage and death certificates, church registers and newspapers. I would love to be able to include more photographs but I have very few.


Almost all of the houses our ancestors lived in are no longer there, but one day I plan to visit all the sites and include photographs of the remaining properties or the streets where they once lived.


I'm still working through the site and adding links to maps and satellite views of the places mentioned in the data.

Wherever you see this image Sample map you can open a small pop-up window to view a Google map of the place mentioned in the text.

This image Sample map takes you to (an external link). Scroll down to choose from a variety of old maps of the area. Having chosen the map, you need to zoom in or out: if the screen is blue, with a message about subscription, zoom out a couple of levels to reveal the map; if the area is clear with just a red marker, you need to zoom in on that marker until the blue shading appears.
(How far you can zoom in before needing to subscribe depends on the map chosen and the area of the country.)
The blue shading can be removed by clicking on the small blue button at the top blue button

Wherever you see this image Sample map you can open a pop-up window to view the place on a 19th century OS 6-inch map of the area provided by the National Library of Scotland.


I find it useful to visualise family relationships in diagram form, so there are 'trees' for each branch of the family. Some of the tree diagrams still need updating to take account of new names, and in some cases, new generations, which have been located since the last update. Bear with me.

What it does not contain!

There are no made-up stories or gossip.

So far, I've spent many years just populating the family trees with names and dates. Where possible, I glean further information from newspapers, trade journals, parish magazines, and so on, which helps a bit towards painting a portrait of the characters. I can't tell the full story, all I can offer is the cast list.

I hope it's easy to find your way around...Click the Navigation tab to read more.

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