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My main interest in the Ward name stems from Grace Ward (1769- ). She married John Whiteside (1765 - ) in 1790 to become my 4th gt-grandmother. Whiteside Family Tree 1

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There is also another, indirect line of Wards: Ward Family Tree
John Whiteside's grandson, George Whiteside (1852 - ), married Mary Ellen Ward (1850 - 1907) in 1875.
[He was nephew of my gt-gt-granddad, George Whiteside (1832 - 1912)]

I have been trying, unsuccessfully as yet, to discover if these two groups of Wards have common ancestry. They probably do have common ancestry, but there are lots of Wards in the Fylde area and if there is a link it may be buried in the early parts of the eighteenth century or earlier. (To be investigated)

Further details of Dave's direct Ward ancestors

The following sections contain details transcribed from documents such as census, birth, marriage and death certificates, parish records, newspapers, etc.

Unless otherwise stated, we have transcribed directly from the original document or from a scanned or photographic image of the original document.

Grace Ward (1769 - ) and her family

Grace's Parents

Grace's parents were Joseph Ward and Ann Cross.
They were married in Kirkham, by license on 7th August 1764.
Joseph, a husbandman, lived in the township of Weeton and Ann, spinster, lived in the township of Washam. (Both villages close to Kirkham).
After the marriage, they seem to have settled in Weeton

Grace's Siblings

Grace's siblings were Betty (1765 - ) and James (1774 - )
Betty Ward was baptised on 28th April 1765 at the church of St Michael, Kirkham
Grace Ward herself was baptised on 6th October 1769 at the St Chad's, Poulton
James was baptised on 28th August 1774 at the church of St Michael, Kirkham


Grace Ward of Weeton, was married to John Whiteside on 9th November 1790, at St Michael's, Kirkham.

Grace's children

Jonathan Whiteside (1790 - 1873)
[Born 22nd November 1790, baptised 10th December 1790, buried 1st February 1873 at St Chad's, Poulton] [husband of Isabella Miller (1793-1843)]
Ann Whiteside (1792 - )
[Born 24th December 1792, baptised 20th January 1793 St Chad's, Poulton]
James Whiteside (1795 - )
[Born 13th July 1795, baptised 16th July 1795 St Chad's, Poulton]
Thomas Whiteside (1798 - )
[Born 12th February 1798, baptised 25th February 1798 St Chad's, Poulton]
Alice Whiteside (1800 - )
[Born 18th September 1800, baptised 19th October 1800 St Chad's, Poulton]
Betty Whiteside (1803 - )
[Born 17th March 1803, baptised 12th June 1803 St Chad's, Poulton]
John Whiteside (1805 - )
[Born 5th October 1805, baptised 3rd November 1805 St Chad's, Poulton]
Joseph Whiteside (1808 - )
[Born 3rd March 1808, baptised 27th March 1808 St Chad's, Poulton]

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Mary Ellen Ward and George Whiteside

Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen Ward (1850 - 1907) was daughter of William Ward (1807 - ) and Elizabeth Jolly (1817 - ).
William Ward, from the township of Hardhorn married Elizabeth Jolly from the township of Weeton, on 26th February 1835 at St Michael, Kirkham.
Witnesses were John Poole and Peggy Ward.
As well as Mary Ellen, William and Elizabeth had seven other (known) children: Jane (1843), Elizabeth (1845), John (1849), William (1853), Jenny Ann (1854), Peter Edward (1857) and George (1859).


Map showing location of Haddle House at nls.uk
Link to Haddle House at Old-Maps.co.uk
Google map showing the position of Haddle House
George Whiteside (1852 - ) was one of the children of Robert Whiteside (1819-1867) and Margaret Porter (1816 - )
Robert was brother of my maternal gt-gt grandad, George Whiteside (1832 - 1912).
Robert and Margaret had married on 17th May 1842 at St Chad, Poulton and farmed land in Bispham.
In 1851, the year before George was born, they were at Haddle House, Bispham with Norbreck, so George was born here.
Their other children were Frank Porter Whiteside (1840), John Whiteside (1845), Isabella Whiteside (1847) and Thomas Whiteside (1850)

George and Mary Ellen's Marriage

George Whiteside and Mary Ellen Ward were married on 27th December 1875 at St Chads, Poulton le Fylde.
Both were aged 25 years, George a batchelor, Mary Ellen a spinster.
George was a book keeper (at least that's what it looks like) from Kirkdale, Mary Ellen from Newton cum Hardhorn.
George's father was Robert Whiteside, (Dead). Mary Ellen's father was William Ward, Yeoman.

George and Mary Ellen's Children

After their marriage, George and Mary Ellen must have gone to live together in Liverpool.
Their first three children, Elizabeth, Margaret and William were born in Liverpool, according to the 1881 and later censuses.
Baptisms - from the registers:
Elizabeth Whiteside, of George and Mary Ellen Whiteside was baptised on 11th March 1877 at St Philemon, Toxteth. Abode: 31 Madelaine Street. Father's occupation: book keeper.
Elizabeth married Bernard Pegge Blake (1866-) from Burton on Trent, in Blackpool, in 1896.
Robert Whiteside, of George and Mary Ellen Whiteside, was baptised on 28th August 1878 at St John the Evangelist, Blackpool. Abode: Liverpool. Father's occupation: book keeper.
Margaret Whiteside, of George and Mary Ellen Whiteside, was baptised on 1st August 1880 at St John the Evangelist, Blackpool. Abode: Liverpool. Father's occupation: book keeper.
William Ward Whiteside, of George and Mary Ellen Whiteside, was baptised on 8th August 1880 at St John the Evangelist, Blackpool. Abode: Little Layton. Father's occupation: farmer.
Florence Whiteside, of George and Mary Ellen Whiteside, was baptised on 6th January 1884 at St John the Evangelist, Blackpool. Abode: Little Layton. Father's occupation: book keeper.

George - 1861 census

George, with his parents in 1861.
Blackpool Road, Layton with Warbreck
[Blackpool Road. Layton, was the road joining Layton and Little Layton to what was then the small seaside village of Blackpool.
Today, this would follow Church Street eastwards from the promenade, which then becomes Newton Drive, turning left onto Layton Road and then Westcliffe Drive.]

Robert Whiteside age 41, Farmer of 15 acres of land employing one labourer, born Bispham
Margaret Whiteside age 41, farmer's wife, born Adlington
Frank Whiteside age 21, agricultural labourer, born Poulton
John Whiteside age 16, agricultural labourer, born Bispham
Isabella Whiteside age 14, born Bispham
Thomas Whiteside age 11, born Bispham
George Whiteside age 9, born Bispham
Robert Whiteside age 24, Robert's nephew, born Bispham

George - 1871 census

Map showing location of Grange Farm Little Layton at nls.uk
Link to Grange Farm Little Layton at Old-Maps.co.uk
Google map showing the position of Grange Farm, Little Layton, in 1871

George, with his mother and family in Little Layton .
[The next entry on the census is the Convent, which can be pinpointed as the Convent of the Holy Child Jesus (now St Mary's Catholic High School, St. Walburga's Rd). From this it becomes clear that their farm is Grange Farm. (Later confirmed from Georges's death.)]

Margaret Whiteside age 41, farmer of 15 acres, born Adlington
John Whiteside age 26, agricultural labourer, born Layton
Isabella Whiteside age 24, born Layton
George Whiteside age 19, clerk, born Bispham
Thomas Whiteside, nephew, age 20, born Carleton
Richard Dobson, Lodger, age 60, Gamekeeper, born Layton

George, now a farmer, 1881 census
Back Convent Lane, Little Layton
(Grange Farm)

George Whiteside age 29, Farmer of 18 and a half acres, born Bispham
Mary Ellen Whiteside age 31, Farmer's wife, born Marton
Elizabeth Whiteside, daughter, age 4, born Liverpool
Margaret Whiteside, daughter, age 9 months, born Liverpool
Margaret Whiteside, widow, George's mother, age 64, born Adlington
John Whiteside, George's brother, age 36, born Layton
Wm Ed Ward, George's nephew, age 13, farm servant, born Preston
Mary E Pellow, age 19, dairymaid, born St Hayle, Cornwall

George - 1891 census
23 Little Layton (Farm House)

George Whiteside age 39, Farmer and Commercial Clerk, born Thornton
Mary Ellen Whiteside age 41, Farmer's wife, born Blackpool
Elizabeth Whiteside, daughter, age 14, born Liverpool
Robert Whiteside, son, age 12, born Liverpool
Margaret Whiteside, daughter, age 10, born Liverpool
William Ward Whiteside son, age 9, born Blackpool
Florence Whiteside daughter, age 7, born Blackpool
Sidney Ormerod Taylor nephew, age 9, born Blackpool
Jane Ward niece, age 4, born Blackpool
Ann Gregson age 19, domestic, servant, born Carlton
John Lingard age 18, farm servant, born Thornton

George's Death

From the Probate Index
"26th August 1891. Administration of the personal estate of George Whiteside late of Grange Farm Little Layton near Blackpool in the County of Lancaster, Farmer, who died 7 June 1891 at Grange Farm, was granted at Lancaster to Mary Ellen Whiteside of Grange Farm, Widow, the Relict.
Personal Estate £557 4s. 6d."

Mary Ellen - 1901 census
Staying with her daughter Elizabeth and family.
76 Charlotte Street, Salford

Bernard Pegge Blake age 34, Publican, born Stafford, born Burton on Trent
Elizabeth Pegge Blake age 24 (Mary Ellen's daughter), born Liverpool
Mary Ellen Whiteside age 51, widow, mother in law, born Blackpool
Florence Whiteside age 17, visitor, (Elizabeth's sister?) born Manchester
George Bernard Whiteside age 3, nephew, (Florence's son?) born Manchester

Mary Ellen's Death

From the Probate Index
"Mary Ellen Whiteside, of 38 Dudley Road, Sefton Park, Liverpool, widow, died 19 February 1907, at 43 King Street, Higher Broughton, near Manchester.
Administration London 26 January 1912 to Lizzie Jones (wife of Alfred Jones).
Effects £29 6s. 5p.

Lizzie Jones was, in fact, Mary Ellen's daughter, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth had lost her first husband, Bernard Pegge Blake in 1901. He was buried on 30th October 1901 at Shirley, Derby.
She married Alfred Jones in 1903.

Elizabeth Jones on the 1911 census:
27 Bamford Road, Didsbury
Alfred Jones age 64, Commercial Traveller, Imperial Tobacco, born Chester
Elizabeth Jones age 34 (Mary Ellen's daughter), born Liverpool
[Elizabeth had 4 children from this marriage, one of whom had died.]
Oswald Jones (son from Arthur's first marriage) age 17, born Manchester
Mabel Jones age 6, born Runcorn
Florence Jones age 4, born Liverpool
May Elizabeth Jones age 2, born Manchester
George B. Whiteside, nephew, age 13, born Manchester
Annie Boot age 23, Domestic Servant, born Llanfyllin, Montgomery